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New Pound Coin Available 28th March

New Pound Coin What are the key dates ? 28 March – The new £1 coin is introduced into circulation. 28 March to 15 October – The co-circulation period where both coins will be in circulation. We will be encouraging the public to spend their round £1 coins or to


Vending Machines of the Future

  Future vending The vending machine of the future is here, and it knows who you are The world’s first vending machine with facial recognition technology has been unveiled, and it could refuse to vend a certain product based on a shopper’s age, medical record or dietary requirements. For example,


Weird and Wonderful Vending Machines

Historically coin vending machines have dispensed items such as snacks, beverages, alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets to customers automatically, after the customer inserts money into the machine. These types of vending machines are still massively popular and very common today in places such as universities or outside supermarkets. A much more