Self service restaurant with a variety of salads, soups and side dishes

Catering in Yorkshire

Catering from Apple Vending & Catering provides a level of service that is unparalleled in the vending and catering industry.

Apple vending and catering services can provide you with a first rate subcontract canteen service for your business premises. From a single beverage machine to a full traditional kitchen, where food is prepared and served in the time-honoured way, Apple can save you the hassle of running a company canteen, yet ensure that your key employees are provided with the highest standard of catering.

Tailored to your companies’ requirements, we pride ourselves on our outstanding menus and customer service standards. A wide choice of food can be freshly prepared and cooked on your premises, using the best fresh ingredients. We can provide breakfasts, lunches, teas and a full range of hot and cold snacks. We also supply a full range of food and drinks vending facilities which could offer further choices and twenty four hour services for your staff.

Apple vending and catering services have an excellent record for food hygiene and health & safety standards and take a proactive approach, thus ensuring that your experience with us is hassle free. We are also culturally and allergen aware and happy to discuss a range of suitable ingredients to suit your employees’ needs and maintain their welfare. With the added ability to provide hot and cold buffets for meetings and conferences on your premises, Apple vending and catering offer a full business service for factories and offices.

Whether it’s a bacon sandwich or a three course meal, we have qualified and experienced staff ready to cater for your needs. We can also offer a range of cost packages from fully subsidised to financially self-sufficient, and a level of services individually tailored to your companies’ financial requirements.

Every service is customised, and we fully understand the need to provide the solution that delivers to quality “high street” services throughout the working day.

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