5 Benefits of Having a Coffee Vending Machine

Two workers enjoying coffee standing next to vending machine

Not only are coffee vending machines trendy, they’re also practical. Here are just a few of the benefits of having a coffee vending machine in your office.

Coffee vending machine

The convenience of having a coffee vending machine is hard to beat.

We collectively drink around 55 million cups of coffee a day in the UK. The rise in popularity of coffee has resulted in the biggest growth in cafe sales since 2008. Coffee has even caught up with tea in being one of the most favored drinks around the office.

It’s safe to say coffee is here to stay. Why not make it even more convenient to get your caffeine fix at the office?

Here are the top 5 benefits of having a coffee vending machine in the workplace.

1. Better Efficiency

Having a vending machine for tea and coffee in the office means that no one has to leave to go get their caffeine fix. Driving to pick up a cuppa can take time away from getting things done.

Going on a coffee-run isn’t exactly a relaxing escape for the employee either. They’ll need to fight traffic, stand in line, and then read out the half-a-dozen orders of everyone who said: “Hey, can you get me something?”

A self-service coffee vending machine is just the clear solution.

2. They’re Reliable

We’ve all had the coffee rush experience when the cafe is being barraged with customers. You wait and wait to end up with coffee that is either super watery or that is 1% coffee and 99% cream and sugar.

With a coffee vending machine you don’t have to worry about the consistency of service or how long it will take.

Plus, it’s always open 24-hours a day just in case you need to pull a late shift.

3. They’re Affordable

If you are running an in-house cafe, hiring a catering service, or buying drinks at the coffee shop the cost can add up before you know it.

The good thing about a coffee vending machine is that it is inexpensive compared to the alternatives.

4. Freedom of Choice

You can find machines for any variety of tastes. They aren’t just limited to coffee either. They can make any of your favorite hot drinks such as hot chocolate and tea of course.

It all depends on how much variety you want and how much you want it to cost. That’s just it, you’re free to make that choice when selecting the machine.

It’s all of the benefits of an in house barista at the touch of a button.

5. Low Maintenance

A machine doesn’t require any additional staff or a lot of space. All you need is to contract a company that will maintain and stock the machine.

They’re super clean to use, with no need to brew yourself. Everything you need from filters, beans, and water are all inside the machine which means fewer chances to leave a mess when it’s all automated.

Why Not Have a Coffee Vending Machine?

Coffee has become a workplace staple. Its popularity doesn’t look to diminish anytime soon.

A coffee vending machine offers the best quality and convenience for employees to share a drink. It can better your employee efficiency and it’s something everyone can appreciate.

Don’t wait. It only makes sense to give it a try. If you want to know more or have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us.