Vending Machines in Yorkshire

Vending Machines

Apple Vending provides a wide selection of vending machines to cater for all your vending needs. Originally Yorkshire based, we now cover much of Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. We can offer anything from a chilled glass of water to a 3 course meal, and much more. Whether its cold drinks such as cans of coke, hot drinks like tea, coffee and hot chocolate, or snacks, you can be sure Apple Vending has a vending machine suitable for your needs. We can supply machines on a lease or purchase option and have a team of service operatives available if required.

  • Water coolers

Apple Vending & catering offer a choice of either plumbed in or bottled water coolers and can offer maintenance and a regular supply of bottled water, as required.

  • Cold drinks machines

We can offer a range of chilled drinks machines, on a serviced or self-fill basis.

A choice of drinks can be supplied from water to fruit juices, energy drinks and branded soft drinks such as Coco Cola in bottles or cans.

A full service including cash collection and re-stocking can be supplied if required.

  • Hot drinks machines

Apple Vending specialise in a wide range of hot drinks machines to suit any purse. We can offer a range of free-standing or counter top models, ranging from budget tea and instant coffee to a machine that will make an outstanding Cappuccino from fresh coffee beans, with a choice of syrups.

We can set the machine to provide free subsidised or cover the full cost of the drinks and offer a full service including cash collection and re-stocking if required or supply trade ingredients delivered to your door, so you can re-stock the machine yourself.

  • Snack machines

Apple Vending & catering can provide a range of chilled snack machines offering sweets and chocolate, crisps, savoury biscuits and healthy snacks such as breakfast bars. So whether you just need a Mars bar to keep you going on a busy day, or have missed breakfast and want a muesli bar, we can provide them 24/7

  • Food machines

We can offer chilled food vending, which could include sandwiches (bacon/sausage that can go in a microwave are popular) fruit & desserts, salads and a range of microwavable meals. We can offer a range of meals that would meet allergen or cultural requirements. Just let us know what you want and we’ll do our best to provide it! All the food that Apple Vending provides is clearly dated and labelled.

A wide variety of food can be offered around the clock, ideal for companies who work shift rotas or through the night.

Apple Vending has many years’ experience in the vending business in Yorkshire and surrounding areas. We provide vending services to companies large and small. All food and drinks are date rotated and our operatives are fully trained, food hygiene certified and expected to keep the machines spotlessly clean, well-stocked and in good working order. We have a large team of vending machine managers keeping all our managed vending machines fully stocked and in perfect working order.

Apple Vending and Catering has an outstanding reputation for quality and service.

In an ever changing world you can rely on our excellent service levels!