Apple Vending & Catering Services

Vending Services

 Apple vending and catering Services can offer vending at your desired choice of service level.

We can supply vending machines for you to fill and re-stock yourself, along with the appropriate training for your staff – or provide a regular fill and clean service for the vending machines on your premises, where we attend at pre-arranged times and clean and fill the machines with your preferred choice of items. Whether it’s just a coffee and tea machine, snacks, sandwiches or microwave meals, we can provide a service level unsurpassed by our rivals

Maintaining Vending Service Standards

Diane and Rod regularly hold client review meetings to ensure our entire customer requirements and expectations are being met. Here at Apple Vending and Catering Services, we take your comments seriously and welcome feedback and strive to take appropriate action wherever practical. We do everything that we can to ensure that your relationship with Apple Vending and Catering is a happy one.

Area Management

All our vending service and catering staff hold food hygiene certificates and follow induction training before being allowed to start work. We take pride in ensuring that all our employees are provided with the appropriate catering uniform / safety boots and & high vis. Apparel. This not only maintains a level of visibility for ourselves but ensures that all our personnel meet current food hygiene and health & safety regulations whilst on your sites.

Ann-Marie ensures that all our staff are kept up to date with and maintain regulatory training, and regularly visits all staff to ensure that they continue to meet our expected high standards of service.

Technical Support

Apple vending’s technical department is fully responsible for all aspects of the service and maintenance of vending machines and catering equipment.

From initial installation through to all annual servicing, repairs and vending machine refurbishment, we strive to keep the equipment that your team relies on in top condition and running smoothly, making breakdowns a thing of the past.

Simon ensures that our team of Field Service Engineers are fully equipped and trained to manufacturer’s standards. They all carry an extensive range of spare parts to minimise machine down time, by providing an effective rapid repair service.

We currently use state of the art route management technology to ensure that we get to your site as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Health and Safety/ Hygiene Records

Apple Vending and Catering Services recognise the importance of meeting Health & Safety requirements and hold an exemplary record.

We maintain all required statutory insurances for vehicles and liabilities and Diane ensures that policies in all areas are written, regularly reviewed and maintained.

We are happy to discuss our policies & procedures and any requirements that are individual to your company and ensure that our personnel are familiar with and abide by the information provided.