Reverse Vending Machines

While reverse vending machines are not something Apple Vending presently offers, we find it an interesting idea and great way to help keep the planet green.

Reverse Vending is “proven” technology which has been used for over five decades, fifth Generation Reverse Vending Machines can automate the recovery and recycling of thousands of used beverage containers each week. Reverse vending machine technology is a way of promoting recycling and other ways to clean up our streets and spread awareness about recycling. Technology has allowed us to completely change the image of life as we used to know it. The reverse vending machine lets a person put in empty bottles or cans and get money in return. This is a great incentive for people to take interest in the process off recycling and engage people who find recycling difficult. If these types of machines where on every street corner it would make people, this twice before they litter. The machines are popular in places that have mandatory recycling laws or container deposit legislation. Container-deposit legislation is any law that requires collection of a monetary deposit on soft-drink, juice, milk, water, alcoholic-beverage, and/or other reusable packaging at the point of sale. When the container is returned to an authorised redemption centre, or to the original seller in some jurisdictions, the deposit is partly or fully refunded to the redeemer. It is a deposit-refund system.

The recycler places the empty bottle or can into the machine; the system allows the user to insert only one container at a time. bottle or can is then automatically rotated; the bottle/can is then scanned which scans the beverage container and can determine the material and wether it can be recycled. An older method of reverse vending is one in which the user opens a door by hand and places one empty container in a pan. When the door is released and closed, the process starts.