Father Pranks Mother with Baby Trapped in Vending Machine


A photograph recently surfaced on the internet showing a baby wearing a Batman onesie, somehow stuck inside the vending machine, surrounded by the prizes, looking slightly baffled.
The picture first appeared on the Lad Bible Oz Facebook page at the end of July and has since gone viral. The father, named Luke set up the photo on his first day of looking after his daughter alone to send to his wife as a joke.
The photo was set up in a local pub where they had access to the keys for the machine, the baby was not harmed in any way, don’t know if we can say the same for Luke though after his wife got hold of him.

Ironically a few weeks earlier after another Australian child found themselves stuck in a vending machine after trying to crawl up inside to grab a prize, again the child was not harmed as the maintenance team for the shopping centre where the incident occurred were able to access the vending machine.

There have been many news stories over the years of children trying to climb into various candy vending machines, cold drinks machines and claw prize vending machines and getting stuck, perhaps it is time that as retailers, companies like Apple Vending and other leading manufacturers look at what safety mechanisms can be installed into vending machines to keep children safe.