Water Coolers Yorkshire

Water Coolers Yorkshire

Keep your busy staff cool and well hydrated as the summer starts to appear with a bottled water cooler. Well hydrated staff are able to concentrate more and be more productive if they have easy access to a cooled water dispenser. Apple Vending are able to plumb in the water to be cooled or supply bottled water as required. Apple Vending supply water coolers, bottled water machines and plumbed water dispensers in Yorkshire and the UK. Our modern managed water coolers are available in a variety of styles to suite your water cooler needs. Apple Vending have been supplying water coolers and drink vending machines for many years. At Apple Vending our customer is our main focus and we do as much as possible to ensure that we meet all your water cooler requirements. We will manage and schedule both the installation of your water cooler and any delivery’s to your requirements – we are able to deliver bottle-fed water coolers within 48 hours and plumbed-in coolers with 4-7 days. Click on the machines below for more information on our latest water coolers. You can view our range of bottle water coolers here.

Bottled Water Coolers

Apple Vending can offer Bottled and Mains Fed Water Coolers directly. Apple Vending can install and manage your Water Coolers; both Bottled Water Coolers and Mains Fed Water Coolers in your office in Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

  • Bottled Water Coolers brought directly to you
  • Mains Fed Water Coolers brought directly to you
  • Water Fountains delivered brought directly to you
  • Installed and managed by the Apple Vending Mangement team

Plumbed Water Machines

So if  you want to maintain a happy workforce in the hot summer months and are looking for a Bottled Water Cooler, Water Fountain, or Mains Fed Water Cooler, the team at Apple Vending will advise you on deciding which Water Cooler would be best for your requirements and then help you every step of the way until your Water Cooler is happily situated in your office.

If you require any additional information or advice please contact us.